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Our services

Price list

Taking into account our patients' wishes and possibilities and the knowledge, available in our centre, we have decided to provide various treatment options for your dental problems. You can choose the quality level of rehabilitation to suit your wishes and needs. Similar to having various quality classes when buying a car, different qualities of dental rehabilitation and thus the quality of your smile and feeling are available in the Beli medved Centre.

Taking the above into account, we have drafted a pricelist of all our services, which you can access at the LINK.

The services marked with A are basic, while B services are premium.The same materials are used in all services while the application and techniques of treatment in premium class are more advanced.

Additional services for patients with compulsory health insurance

In our Centre, all patients are treated as private patients. Materials of the highest quality and the most up-to-date techniques and knowledge are used for you and your children. A list of materials and services has been made, all contributing to the achievement of the common goal - the best treatment in the field of tooth and jaw orthopaedics.

Methods of payment

  • cash
  • New! Payment in instalments The cost of treating is often a substantial financial burden, particularly when it has to be paid in a single amount. Therefore, the Beli medved Centre has decided that self-paying patients can pay for the orthodontic services (treatment) also in instalments. When you come for the first time, you will pay EUR 500, and the amount of the instalment which is to be paid at each subsequent visit, will be agreed (e.g. EUR 50). When the orthodontic treatment has been completed, you will settle any remaining balance if it has not been settled by instalments.
  • bank cards
  • credit cards: Diners Club, American Express, Euro Card - Master Card, Visa
  • in instalments: charge cards Diners Club and American Express