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Dental treatment

General dentistry covers all aspects of dental treatment but it mainly refers to the repair of teeth. Two types of materials are used for the repair of teeth (due to caries, mechanical damage, development disturbances and disturbances caused by taking various types of medicinal products):

  • Plastic or white fillings

The plastic filling in the shade of the natural tooth is used for the restoration and keeping its natural look. Plastic fillings are suitable for all types of damages where the dentine and enamel are damaged on three planes. The advantage of this type of fillings is that they look like natural tooth structure.

  • Porcelain fillings or inlay

It is used in the restoration of moderately to mostly damaged teeth where not more than four planes of the tooth are damaged. As the porcelain is compact and firm, they are more durable. Two visits at the dentist are required in order to make a porcelain filling. During the first visit the dentist treats the tooth and takes its impression on the basis of which he or she makes the porcelain filling in the dental laboratory. During the second visit the dentist fixes the filling to the required position.

Porcelain filling is very durable as it may last for more than 10 years.


Treatment of the canal in the tooth root (endodontics) is required when the nerve in the tooth gets infected or inflamed due to:

  • deep caries
  • damage
  • gum diseases
  • broken or chipped tooth
  • extremely worn tooth

Due to the above reasons the tooth may start to hurt, get sensitive to heat or cold, the colour of the tooth changes or the gum, surrounding the tooth gets inflamed or swollen.
The objective of treating the tooth root canal is to prevent the extraction of the tooth as the natural tooth is of higher quality and more functional than an artificial one.

Emergency aid

Regular care for teeth and keeping them healthy contribute to preventing troubles and unexpected pains. If you are a Beli medved Centre patient and you experience a sudden pain in a tooth or any other problems, the Centre will provide immediate dental treatment. In such emergencies we look for the reason for the dental problem and provide temporary treatment and mitigation of symptoms. It is then easier for the patient to discuss further possibilities for treatment and decide for the most appropriate solution for his or her dental problem.

Sanding of deposits and teeth whitening

It is advisable that prior to each repairing of teeth tooth deposit is mechanically cleaned or sanded to get the natural colour of the tooth. The dentist is then able to maximally adjust the colour of fillings and prosthetic substitutes to the colour of the patient's teeth. In case the patient does not like the colour of his or her teeth, whitening can be arranged.