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    Beli medved Centre


Our Team

Dentist Beli medved

Located in extraordinary natural surroundings, family business Beli medved provides dental and physiotherapeutic services of the highest quality. Highly qualified team who use carefully selected materials, state-of-the-art devices and products, provided by verified and qualified partners, provide healthcare services at the highest level, recognised by several patients from Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

The dentist and director of the centre is Dr. Uroš Mezeg, doctor of dental medicine and specialist in dental and jaw orthopaedics. He studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana where he also completed the specialisation. Every year Dr. Mezeg devotes a month to further professional training, mostly abroad, and he has also finished doctoral study at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana.


Plan of treatment

You yourselves can to a lot for the health of your teeth but planning of the development of teeth is even more important. In the Beli medved Dental Centre Dr. Uroš Mezeg with his highly qualified team will do exactly that – a plan of treatment and changing your teeth and physiognomy through years.

The philosophy of treatment

Dr. Mezeg's philosophy is based on precise and detailed diagnostics, thorough discussion with the patient, optimal plan of treatment and combined treatment. State-of-the-art surgical and prosthetic procedures, combined with orthodontic treatment result in the most biologically and quality aesthetic solutions.

The aim of treatment

Our professionals strive to treat and position the teeth correctly and thus improve the teeth and gum health and the beauty of the face and allow the patient a relaxed, happy and self-confident smile – the smile which brings a different and more relaxed life.

Our services

Dental services in Beli medved

The Beli medved Centre will not provide only advice about caring for your teeth, careful and thorough diagnostics and combined treatment of bad teeth but after a detailed discussion the dentist will help you prepare a long-term plan of treatment. You will be able to actively influence what your teeth will be like in twenty or thirty years.

Due to their comprehensive knowledge, Dr. Mezeg's team is able to achieve the most suitable way of treating, made on the basis of a thorough diagnosis and discussion of the patient and the dentist as soon as possible and with the least possible extent of pain.


All carbohydrates can cause caries while the main culprits are sweets. A sip of sweet drink every hour causes more damage than eating chocolate for five minutes. 

People who are more prone to caries, should limit the intake of sweet food. After eating, the mouth should be rinsed with water. However, brushing is the most effective. In addition, some carbonated non-alcoholic drinks without sugar generate acid which causes caries.

Bad breath is the consequence of various chemical substances (mainly sulphur compounds), generated during metabolism of proteins and amino acids that contain sulphur, and certain bacteria in the mouth.

In 90 per cent of cases bad breath originates from the oral cavity (deposits on the tongue and teeth, inflammation of periodontal tissue, caries, dry mouth,…) while in 10 per cent of cases the reasons are elsewhere: system diseases, bad breath due to fasting or dehydration, after smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol, bad breath after eating certain food (garlic, onion…).

We discuss bad breath with the patient, then a detailed examination is carried out, and anamnesis and the source of bad breath are established, and then we help eliminate it.

Usually the reason is poor oral hygiene which results in plaque where the bacteria can multiply extremely quickly. The plaque penetrates under the flesh around the teeth, irritates it and the flash gets inflamed. Then the gums start to bleed during brushing or eating. A dentist appointment is suggested. 

Teeth have to be brushed in the morning when we get up as there are remains of food in our mouth which cause bad breath as well as tooth decay and inflammation of gums. Then teeth have to be brushed after each meal.


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