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Orthodontics deals with the modification of the jaw growth, moving of teeth and, if needed, cooperates closely also during surgical moving of the jaw and teeth. Orthodontics aims at establishing the correct relation of the jaw and teeth and coordinate the bite and pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Orthodontics or dental and jaw orthopaedics can be carried out at any age. The quickest are the results when people are young and therefore the best age for orthodontic procedures is between the age of five and seventeen. However, they are possible also when a person is more than fifty years old. In that age orthodontics is precious help in prosthetic and surgical procedures.

In adults orthodontic therapy replaces the missed therapy in childhood and it is also used for the movement of teeth to the desired positions during the preparation for prosthetic procedures (for crowns or implants) or in case of bone mass loss in the jaw (for the stabilisation of teeth or positioning of teeth in case of periodontal diseases). By movement of teeth the orthodontics allows for the growth of bones and thus a bone, into which an implant is planted without any problems, in a biological way.

In most cases quality treatment in adults is possible only by the use of orthodontic braces while in some cases the optimal solution may be achieved only in combination with surgical treatment. Usually only orthodontic treatment without surgical treatment is an acceptable compromise.